My training philosophy:

My goal as your teacher is simple:  I want to help you unlock the artist within you.  I do not want to create copies of myself, nor do I expect you to adopt every technique I teach you into your style.  I simply expose you to the techniques that work for me, in the hope that some of them will work for you as well.  I encourage you to take what you need, and leave what you don’t.   It is all about unleashing the artist within YOU.  I encourage my students to learn from any photographer whose style appeals to them.  In the end, you will probably wind up taking pieces of many, mixed in with a bit of you, to create your own unique style.  That is what art is all about…..

I believe the best teacher is experience.  I don’t do classroom sessions.  We go into the field, and I teach you on the fly (pun intended).  I’m right beside you, doing the exact same things that I’m showing you how to do, and then sharing my results with you.  I use a technique called “shooting out loud”.  Simply put, I just verbalize my entire process from setup, to composition, to camera settings, etc..  I then explain the “why”.   I do not have any “filler” in my training.  I cover a lot in a short period of time.  It is likely that you may get more in a day with me than you get in a week with some teachers.  That’s just how I am.  However, you will be the one who sets the pace.  If we need to cover some things multiple times, that is fine.

What I DON’T do is share theory or techniques that I don’t use myself with you.  Photography is like many other things in that there are often several ways to do something right.  I won’t be teaching you all of the ways.  I only teach the techniques that I use.  This keeps the message simple and on point.  You won’t go home with your head so full of theory that you can’t remember what to do. 

Before purchasing training through this site, please make sure that we have communicated and made arrangements for my availability.  Demand is high, and I want to make sure I can accommodate your desired dates before you pay for them.  Once that has been done, just go into the shopping area of this site and click on the “Products” link to purchase your training.  Thanks!