About Bob Blanchard:

I have been a photographer for over 35 years now.  I began taking photography seriously as a young teen, and got my first “serious” 35mm camera (a Kodak Retina Reflex III) at the age of 14.  It was around this time that I became friends with a man named Marshall Lambert who was the curator at the local museum. He became my first mentor.  Marshall taught me good solid foundational photography in both 35mm and medium formats.  I began shooting all the school sporting events and never looked back.  I credit my skills to this day to that early foundational knowledge, and “all manual” cameras.

Having grown up in rural Minnesota and Montana, I am convinced that my love for nature and the outdoors came from that upbringing.  My connection with Nature is impossible to describe.  It’s at the soul.  Equally powerful is my insatiable desire to create.  Photography is the perfect medium, and allows me to fulfill my two passions.  I moved to Southwest Florida in 2005, and now spend my free time wandering the inland swamps and marshes in search of wildlife.  The beaches are great, but I prefer the swamp.

Equipment:  I use Canon professional series cameras and lenses.  I consider myself neutral when it comes to brand.  I chose the Canon platform because at the time I converted to digital it was the best available.  I strongly believe that the photographer has more to do with the result than the equipment.  My cameras take a beating, and the pro Canon gear has held up well to the task.  As for other accessories, I use Gitzo tripods, Arca Swiss, Wimberley, and Really Right Stuff heads, Lowe Pro bags, and SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards.

I usually shoot alone, and prefer to be “low, slow, and quiet” as my normal M.O..  I spend a good amount of time scouting locations, studying light, and learning the behaviors of the wildlife around me.  This often allows me to get extremely close to the wildlife you see photographed here on this site.

I am my own worst critic, and only sell images that have met my standards of excellence.  I go into the field each time with the desire to be better than the last.  I do not compete against other photographers....I compete against myself.  I have evolved into my own artist, and I hope that my unique perspective and techniques are recognizable in my images.