Welcome to my blog.

Here, you will experience my adventures in nature and wildlife photography.  I have decided to start this blog in response to the many requests I have received from my followers on FaceBook so that I can continue to share my work with the world without the concerns, restrictions, exploitations, and shortcomings of most social media venues.  I will do my best to post here at least once per week, so please follow me here if my work moves you, and let me know if you’ve connected with something I’ve posted.  That way, I’ll know I’m making the difference I want to make.

I don’t follow the normal conventions.  I invent my own mounting systems, and I pioneer new and creative ways to photograph nature without disturbing my subjects or leaving any sign that I was even there.   By becoming a part of the wilderness I photograph, I am rewarded with the images you’ll see here.  I believe that the best images come from a partnership with the wild, and not through disruptive techniques.  I do not use calls or baiting techniques.  Instead I study, scout, and learn the habits of the species so that I can photograph them in their daily routines….completely accepting my non-threatening presence.  The more I study and observe them, the better I get at blending in, and the better images I create.

Every day I’m in the wild I learn a little more about this miraculous world we are a part of, and am humbled by its beauty.  I hope my posts on this blog inspire you, move you, and encourage you to pursue your passion…just as I pursue mine.  This blog is about my journey.

–Bob Blanchard